Traditional Grains Review

The Traditional Grains Review presents the latest research and development in traditional grains from Africa and South America. The results have been presented in a series of workshops gathering leading scientists in the area.

Short overviews


Introduction to traditional grains

Mats Stading

Traditional grains - their contribution to health

Ulf Svanberg

Chemical food safety of traditional grains

Leon Brimer

Products from traditional grains in Africa

Afaf Kamal-Eldin, Linley Chiwona-Karltun

Quinoa, a Seed Crop from the Andes Region (in Swedish)

Sven-Erik Jacobsen

African traditional grains

John Taylor

South American traditional grains

Emmerich Berghofer

African traditional legumes

Agnes Mwangwela

Correlations Among Bioactive Compounds in Sorghum Grains and Their Impact on Agronomic and Food Qualities

Mamoudou Dicko

Risk of Mycotoxins in Sorghum and Millet Grains

Yusuf Bayaruhanga

Roller Milling – An Alternative Dry Milling Process for Sorghum

Martin Kebakile

New products from traditional South American grains

Nelly Lara


Scientific presentations


Traditional African cereal grains - overview John R.N. Taylor and M. Naushad Emmambux
Traditional African Cereal Grains:Overview John Taylor and  Naushad Emmambux
Pseudocereals:Overview Emmerich Berghofer and R. Schoenlechner
Application of simple statistics in grains research Phil Williams
Global use of agricultural biomass for food and non-food purposes: Current situation and future outlook Stefan Wirsenius
Cultivation and utilization of traditional grains Lloyd W. Rooney
Adding value to traditional grains and the potential for bio-resources based on economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa Ivar Virgin, M. Nilsson and F. Johnson
A food chain approach to good nutrition with traditional grains in the north and south market Rob Nout, M. Slingerland, T.J. Stomph  and R.J. Hamer
Nutritional aspects of traditional grains Ulf Svanberg

End use functionality of cereal components

Peter Belton
Phytochemical profile and nutraceutical properties of different types of sorghums Sergio O. Serna-Saldivar
Food and non-food utilization of cereals components Mats Stading, Anna Oom and John R.N. Taylor
Non-gluten bread products in the North market Mats Stahlberg
Complementary food based on traditional grains for young children in Africa John Van Camp, P. Mamiro, S. Mbithi, M. Kimanya,
B. De Meulenaer & P. Kolsteren
Production of good quality sorghum or millet malts for semi-industrial foods production in West Africa Joseph Hounhouigan, B.Bougouma, C Mouquet-Rivier, G. Fliedel, C Mestres, J.M Noël, E.Triande & Monteiro
Scientific research for industrialisation of sorghum in Africa Lewis Iheanacho Ezeogu
The role of fermentation and sprouting in the redusciotn of protease inhibitors in raw soyabeans Petronella T. Banda, F. Rumosa-Gwaze, I. D. T. Mpofu and S. M. Makuza
Improvement in the cooking and physico-chemical characteristics of hard-to-cook cowpeas by pre conditioning and mikronization Brasilino BV Salvador, Louis A.M. Pelembe and Amanda Minnaar
Grain and its crop residue utilisation Geremew Bultosa
Challenges and prospects for processing and utilization of traditional grains in Uganda Y.B Byaruhanga and J.C Auko
Correlations among bioactive compounds in sorghum grains and their inpact on agronomic and food qualities Mamoudou H. Dicko
Effect of enzymic hydrolysis on antioxidant activity and potential health benefits of traditional african sorghum-based foods. N.R Dlamini, L.W Rooney and J.R.N Taylor
Chemical composition and antioxidant effects of extracts from sorghum flour and bran K.G Doudu and P.S. Belton
Properties of heat processed sorghum kafirin and maize zein M.N Emmambux and J.R.N Taylor
Optimization and end use characteristics of extruded millet fortified with soybean for the manufacture of FURA: A nigerian traditional food K.B. Filli, I. Nkama, U. Abubakar and V. Jideani
Non-food use of cereal by-products T.Gillgren and M.Stading
Ageing of kaferin dough related to specific protein fractions D. Johansson and M.Stading
Why gamma irradiation modifies cowpea protein-related functional properties J.O. Abu, K.G. Doudu and A. Minnaar
Effects of processing parameters on the iron and zinc solubility of infant sorghum porrige A.P.P Kayodé, A.R. Linnemann, E.J Bakker, J.D. Hounhouigan, M.J.R Nout and M.A.J.S van Boekel
Popped amaranth grain and its products breakfast cereal and crunchy bars: popping process, nutritive value and shelf life N. Lara, A. Mejia and A. Cangás
Utilisation of flour milled from micronised (130°C) cowpeas in maize based traditional malawian snacks P. Katungwe, A. Mulwafu, A.M Mwangwela
Sorghum: An environmentally-friendly food and industrial grain in Nigeria A. C Ogbonna
Use of Lactobacillus Plantarum A6, an amylolytic lactic acid bacterium, for partial starch hydrolysis in a pearl millet-groundnut slurry L.T. Songré-Outtara, C. Mouquet-Rivier, C. Icard-Verniére, I. Rochette, B Diawara and J.P Guyot
Effect of selected essential oils on physicochemical changes of stored cowpea, Vigna Unguiculata, treated to control cowpea bruchid, callosobruchus maculatus (F.) Gayan R.S. Rubasinghege, Krishanthi Abeywickrama and Priyani Paranagama
Identifying farmers' preferences for improved sorghum varieties in Limpopo, South Africa N.G. Shargie and W. Wenzel
Improvement of grain legume production in dryland farming systems of kenya through biological nitrogen fixation: experience with teparty beans (phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray var. Latifolius) C. A. Shisanya
Phenolic content, antioxidant activity and sensory acceptability of wheat-finger millet composite cookies M. Siwela, J.R.N. Taylor, and K. G. Doudu
Development non-oilseed legumes as source of protein to strengthen food security in marginal areas A. Subagio, W. S. Windrati, Y. Witono and A. Nafi




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