Training of rheologists for processing of complex fluids



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Jan 17

9. Check your parts and suggest improvements and changes. There are especially some comments from the latest evaluation that we have to consider, see the evaluations of the 2008 and 2009 proposals. Please make sure that all partners, especially industrial and the associated partner has a clear role in the project.

December 23

8. Check your individual projects in B.2.5 and the training plans in B.3.6 and the table B4.1a.

7. On page 15 I state from previous information “ESRs hosted by SU-INNFM, UMinho, Tata-Corus and Fresenius are not required to take additional courses besides the RheoTraining courses”. This was one of the critical points on previous evaluation. Is this statement correct?

6. Check the secondments in figure 3 and in table B.3.7 so they are correct and coincide. You can send me possible corrections in text or in the PowerPoint file.

5. Under B.3.4. please write 4 lines each (Igor, Frederic and Cris) on the planned seminars.

4. Gavin, please check B.3.5.3. which describes your part.

3. All, update table B.4.3 and insert your 3 most recent and relevant publications.

December 3
2. In the first stage we focus on B.2 S&T quality. There are 3 sub-projects – Processing, Extensional flow and (Bio)polymers which has to be described on one page each. I have appointed one person to make the changes for each including the State-of-the-art. I will need the updates next Friday Dec 10. It is all about shortening and structuring. There are instructions in the text and I ask Vitor to shorten SP1 Processing on page 6 to one page, Mikael to shorten SP2 to one page and Cris to shorten SP3 to one page. I have cut projects in the SP descriptions to match the number of ESRs allowed, so all partners please check that it is ok with you. You may think that I have cut the wrong project if you had two, and then you need to contact the right person of the three above and give them the correct, short description of your ESR project. The same applies if you have small changes. In the text I have also asked Mike to shorten State-of-the-art to 2 pages. The part B2 is important and we only got 3.7 out of 5 last year. Some comments were that we need more up to date references, more original objectives and methodology in the SPs and more methodologies implemented.



1. Check your EPSS data for Part A. You access the EPSS system at  using username: 6XBEHY2KMA and password ynjmwx2. When you have entered this, acknowledge that you have read the instructions and this will bring you to the EPSS main page. Select “Part A” and click on your A2 form, e.g. “A2 UHuelva”.

If you have a PIC code, you then just have to check the data and add Organization short name = UHuelva, enter yes or no for “Are there dependencies between your organization and (an)other participant(s) in this proposal?” and fill out data under Contact Points.