NRS Carl Klason Award 2012  goes to Arild Saasen

Short motivation:

Arild Saasen has for more than 20 years been an active contributor in the field of petroleum technology. His main interest has been in petroleum drilling technology where rheology is a very important tool. He has published more than 20 papers and is the co-inventor of patents and patent applications in this field. He has hence made significant contribution to the application of rheology within the field of drilling technology. Additionally, Arild has also made very important contributions to the progress of rheology in the Nordic countries through his efforts on behalf of the Nordic Rheology Society.



NRS awards 2011  were given to to Niall Young and Diana Gómez Martínez

Short extracts from the motivations:

Niall Young, has worked extensively in the field of rheology, mainly in the food science environment. He has always sponsored innovative ideas and solutions to solving some of our everyday problem. Much of Niall's work has come from the study of hydrocolloidial systems; rheological response behaviour. Recently, Niall has been involved in developing the industrial use of Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling with pressure difference, for observation of emulsion systems in dynamic flow. Niall has provided enthusiasm and innovative thinking towards the development of a unique tool for the in-line study of bulk edible oil, and emulsions. Niall has previously been the president of the NRS and has always had the ambition of expanding rheology in Scandinavia. He is the father of the vision and mission statements of NRS which clearly shows his aim of his contribution to rheology in the Nordic countries.

Diana Gómez Martínez has made outstanding achievements during her PhD studies. During 4 years in Huelva, Spain, she has produced several scientific publications and her PhD thesis concerns protein based bioplastics. She spent part of her PhD studies in Scandinavia and is currently pursuing a rheology career in Sweden. She is highly competent and an important addition to the rheological community within NRS. It is also important for the NRS to encourage the mobility of skilled, young scientists aiming to pursuit a career in rheology within the Nordic countries.

Nordic Rheology Awards

NRS may present two awards a year and all members of NRS are encouraged to propose nominees. The Carl Klason Rheology Award and the Young Rheologists  Rheology Award are given to persons active in the Nordic countries.

The Carl Klason Rheology Award amounting to 1000 Euro may be given to a person who either

  • has made outstanding contributions to the basic understanding of rheological phenomena or to the application of rheology, or
  • has made outstanding contributions to the progress of rheology in one or more of the Nordic countries.

The Young Rheologists  Rheology Award with 500 Euro may be given to a young person who has made outstanding work in basic or applied rheology at the graduate or postgraduate level.

The awardees are selected from the nominations by the Award Committee. An e-mail describing the nominee and a motivation can be sent to the Award Committee at any time or you can use the award form.

The awards have been given to the following distingushed rheologists:

Carl Klason Rheology Award Young Rheologists  Award
1994 Leif Bohlin 1998 Paul Jansen
1995 Ole Hassager 2001 Henrik Rasmusen
1997 Annika Sahlström 2004 Anders Bach
1998 Birger Drake 2006 Johan Wiklund
1999 Sřren Hvidt 2011 Diana Gómez Martínez
2000 Ole Kramer
2001 Eeva Leena Heino    
2002 Josef Kubat
2010 Nils Gustafsson    
2011 Niall Young
2012 Arild Saasen    

Award committee


Kurt-Ingar Draget, Trondheim


Annika Sahlstrom


Ole Hassager, DTU, Lyngby

Jón Wallevik, Trondheim



Award form

The deadline for nominations is March 1.