The research findings from the European Union Inco-Dev Project ENVIROPAK was presented in November 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa. The proceedings are available in pdf-format below.
The need for biodegradable plastics and edible coatings Prof Mats Stading, SIK
Sorghum kafirin: A suitable material for making biodegradable plastics? Prof Peter Belton, University of East Anglia
Extraction of cereal biopolymers Dr Corinda Erasmus, CSIR
Making free standing films and coatings Prof John Taylor, University of Pretoria
Application of coatings to fruits and nuts

Mrs Daya Goburdhun, University of Mauritius
Ms Sonya Buchner, CSIR
Ms Maida Khan, Eduardo Mondlane University
Dr Katarina Nilsson, SIK
Making plastics by thermoplastic processing Prof Salvatore Iannace, IMCB-CNR
Possible applications and new products from kafirin Ms Maida Khan, Eduardo Mondlane University

Proceeding editor: Prof Amanda Minnaar, University of Pretoria